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'Twas The Night Before Christmas Eve

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

I've wanted to start a blog for quite sometime but never really got around to doing it. I figured now is a good time. 2020. Ugh... It's been a doozy. Even though COVID has kept me and my family indoors for most of the year, there have been some positives from it. Getting closer to my family and God, finishing my memoir that took fifteen years to write, re-recording and releasing my own version of Little Texas' 90s hit "God Blessed Texas," and filming a video for it.

The task of writing the memoir was much more daunting than I originally thought. To have to research all of my memories to make sure they were not only true, but landing right on my life timeline. I called and talked to people I haven't talked to in years. I organized and labeled all of my old photos that I had stored in cardboard boxes in the garage for years. I even resurrected old recordings that I had forgotten about and gave them a listen. I was pleasantly surprised. They weren't half-bad!

Writing was overwhelming at times. I laughed, I cried. Overall, it was a bucket list project. It was also therapeutic for me. I was able to mend a few broken relationships along the way and go face to face with some of my past regrets. Most importantly I realized just how much God loves me. He endured it all with me. Stood beside me, held me, comforted me and scolded only a good heavenly Father would.

I named the book "God Blessed Texas & Me Too" because God has blessed me so very much in my life. I dedicated it to my son, Evan. I felt I needed to let my friends, family and fans know my story. Since I've released it, I've already gotten many emails from folks who have felt encouraged and inspired. That's meant the world to me. My heart has been overjoyed.

2021 is right around the corner and I'm thinking I'll release some new original music too. I just need to write and record it! I also plan on writing another book about my early years in the future if there's enough demand and God willing. And if COVID lets up, I'll get back out and start touring.

I will continue to write periodically here in my blog and hopefully continue to uplift you and spread the good news of my Lord and Savior. I'll update you about all the things that's happening in my life as well. Of course you can visit all of my social media sites as well but I'm going to make this particular blog a little more personal. If you haven't gotten a book yet, I would hope you would at some point. I hope it blesses you! For the next several months it'll be exclusively on Amazon. However, you can get an autographed copy on my website

Pray with me right now for those who are sick and suffering from this horrible virus and let's ask the Lord to bless all of those in the medical field, that they will be blessed this Christmas. Thank you to everyone that has supported me and I will try my best to support you by being a conduit for God. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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I love the book.I can't relate to the parent part. I bought the book and where you read it Keep it real and God bless you

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