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Coaching & Collaborating

Are you an artist, songwriter or musician that feels like you're stuck in a rut?


Are you needing advice about how to get your music heard?


Has the music industry got you down?


Then maybe it's time to talk to a 30 year music industry music professional.

Brady is now passing on his knowledge and songwriting techniques to emerging singer/ songwriters in a very unique way. You as the artist/ writer will be able to have a 4-hour one on one session with Brady to pick his brain. This can happen in person if you live near Nashville, TN or if you live out of town then we can chat via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or Facebook video chat. 


Want him to critique your songs? Need help on how to demo them the right way? Want to know who to pitch them to? Want to make a killer sounding demo on a tight budget? Want to co-write a brand new song with him? Do you need help with avoiding the pitfalls of the music biz? He can help.


Customize your session with the following choices:

-Lyric Writing: Tools and Strategies

-Songwriting for film & TV

-Have your songs critiqued

-Producing pro demos with Pro Tools

-Collaborative songwriting

-Music production fundamentals

-Finding your niche as an artist

-Song publishing 

-Basic Nashville number system

-Getting your music heard in Nashville

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